Madrid 2010

EuroDIG 2010 – Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Spain, 29-30 April 2010

chaired by Sebastian Muriel, General Director of

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>>>Video of  the EuroDIG preparatory meeting Madrid, 19 January 2010

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What is the public and economic value of the Internet for Europe?

National debates on Internet governance

WS1: Cross-border cybercrime jurisdiction under cloud computing

WS2: Geographical and other names of public interest as new TLDs?

WS3: Internet as a platform for innovation and development of new business models

WS4: IPv6 transition – business impact and governance issues

WS5: Children and social media – opportunities and risks, rules and responsibilities

WS6: Sovereignty of states and the role and obligations of governments in the global multi-stakeholder Internet environment

WS7: Open hour on cloud computing: from fog to secure cloud – a regulatory perspective


PL1: Online content policies in Europe – where are we going?

PL2: Global privacy standards for the internet and working world

PL3: Principles of “network neutrality” and policies for an open Internet

PL4: Policy and decision-making and multistakeholderism – international, national and regional experiences. Is there an European vision?

PL5: The Internet in 2020?

Wrap-up, reporting-in, take aways and conclusions