How to get involved?

EuroDIG is not a usual conference organized top-down by a small committee but a platform where YOU can set the agenda and shape the issues. Every year EuroDIG takes place in another European country what allows us to bring in new people every year. The local community always plays a big role in the planning process, besides the European Support Network behind EuroDIG which guarantees stability and continuity.

The EuroDIG team supports and offers facilities for you to contribute to the agenda setting or to organise a session. There is a specific process in place which allows you to contribute to our activities at any time. Milestones will help you to navigate through the planning process.

Our slogan is:

EuroDIG is always open, always inclusive and never too late to get involved!

You are invited to contribute at any stage and depending on your personal capacity by:

Please contact the EuroDIG Secretariat  if you like to get involved or if you have any questions.

The next EuroDIG preparation process will start in October 2014 with the call for proposals.

date: 11/04/2014