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Reports, transcripts, webcast, fotos…

» posted 17/06/2014

Find some pictures from the event here. Read the overview of all session reports here Reports, transcripts and the webcast are published at the subpage of each session.    

How to get involved?

» posted 11/04/2014

EuroDIG is not a usual conference organized top-down by a small committee but a platform where YOU can set the agenda and shape the issues. Every year EuroDIG takes place in another European country what allows us to bring in new people every year. The local community always plays a big role in the planning […]

EuroDIG 2014 consolidated programme outline

» posted 07/03/2014

After an inclusive participation process  the core team in cooperation with the host drafted a consolidated programme. This consolidated program still needs more specifications and tuned focus. Session titles are still working titles – except for the session on the over-arching theme “Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet”. This […]


» posted 14/02/2014

This wiki allows the EuroDIG community to participate in preparing and documenting the sessions. In the spirit of transparency and participation, everyone is invited to add or update content and correct errors. To read, edit and contribute to the wiki click here EuroDIG 2014 – June 12-13 in Berlin, Germany Roadmap Until 31 Dec 2013: […]

Public planning meeting in Geneva

» posted 13/02/2014

After the 1st open planning meeting in Berlin we invite the European community again to discuss a first draft programme outline. The first version of the programme will be available here very soon. The planning meeting will take place on: 19 February 2014 18.00 – 20.00 in the Palais des Nations, Room XXV / E […]

Public planning meeting in Berlin

» posted 17/12/2013

It is meanwhile a tradition that the European community and all interested stakeholder meet in January to discuss the agenda for the upcoming EuroDIG on the basis of all submissions received during the call for proposals period. There we will also agree on the overarching theme for EuroDIG 2014. The public planning meeting will take […]

EuroDIG 2014 Online voting

» posted 08/11/2013

By the end of the IGF 2013 in Bali, we launched our annual call for proposals for the EuroDIG Berlin agenda 2014. As every year, we invited all interested stakeholders, old and new actors or participants at EuroDIG to submit short ideas and topics for the Berlin program next year. Until the end of the […]

Next EuroDIG 12-13 June 2014 in Berlin

» posted 27/06/2013

In 2014 Germany will be the host country for EuroDIG. It will be hosted by the Association of the German Internet Industry, eco and under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and in co-operation with the Federal Foreign Office as the hosting location. Until 31 Dec 2013: Open call for […]

Webcast / Remote participation

» posted 17/06/2013

EuroDIG 2013 planning process

» posted 27/04/2013

Call for issues and proposals for Lisbon 2013 During the call period 13. Nov – 31. Dec 2012, we received around 55 proposals for the EuroDIG 2013 agenda in Lisbon. We were not asking for session proposals, but for topics and upcoming issues on the European agenda. The proposals were reviewed, listed and compiled by […]

Submitted issues and proposals

» posted 16/01/2013

Until the end of the call period, we received around 55 proposals for the EuroDIG 2013 agenda in Lisbon. As stated before, we were not asking for session proposals but for topics and upcoming issues on the European agenda. Thanks to all those who have contributed and submitted their ideas for EuroDIG 2013! The proposals […]

Call for issues and proposals for Lisbon 2013

» posted 13/11/2012

NOTE: At this stage of the programming process, we are focusing on topics and issues and not on sessions. What means, we do not (yet) want proposals for speakers but a clear focus on European issues and the political agenda (not the development dimension and the like). We also want to be clear from the […]


» posted 12/09/2012

EuroDIG will again be present with a booth during the next IGF in Baku. We invite herewith all European national IGF initiatives to present their material, messages, documents and use the booth to promote future regional events. Please contact for details and more information. During an EuroDIG session, scheduled on Friday, 9th November 2012, […]

See you 6 / 7 June 2013 in Lisbon!

» posted 21/06/2012

  The 6th edition of EuroDIG will take place in Lisbon at Hotel Altis Milestones to Lisbon: 4.-9. Nov 2012: EuroDIG presentation at IGF in Baku, Nov / Dec: Open call for issues / topics (not sessions) Jan 2013: Inventory of proposals to be distributed prior to the 1st planning meeting 28./29. Jan 2013: 1st […]

Join here remotely!

» posted 14/06/2012

You have the possibility to join EuroDIG remotely, either by watching the web cast or participating actively remotely. Both options include captioning (streamed text). Find all the details and how to get support here  

SIGN UP! 24@1 speaking slots in plenary 7

» posted 08/06/2012

As part of Plenary 7, 24 @ 1 minute speaker slots are being opened on a first come first served basis on the following subtopics: Topic 1: Are rules of behavior, security codes of conduct and principles for Internet governance a necessity or a threat to liberal Internet governance? sign up here Topic 2: In […]

Pre event – Role of the national IGFs

» posted 07/06/2012

We would like to invite you to the debate co-organised by the European Commission and EuroDIG on the role of national IGFs. The discussion will concern the challenges related to the functioning of national IGFs. Also, the discussion will concern the topics which should be promoted during IGF 2012. Please find the detailed programme here. […]

ICT in a changing world

» posted 29/05/2012

Swedish International Development Agency, Sida, in cooperation with Svalorna LA and the Julia Group, offers a full pre conference day, for a multi stakeholder dialogue, linking NGOs, Business and ICT focusing on long term sustainable and inclusive business! The conference will be an including one, so all participants and speakers will be divided into groups […]

Remote participation online training

» posted 29/05/2012

We have the pleasure to invite you to one of our informational sessions on “EuroDIG e-Participation (Remote Participation)”. The session is for 45 minutes (followed by Q&A) and it includes: e-Participation/Remote participation history e-Participation/Remote participation concepts Dynamics of e-Participation/Remote participation Ways of e-Participating (individuals and hubs) Alleviation of any technical concerns (best practices) The session […]

Please arrange your hotel!

» posted 27/04/2012

NOTE – Hotel rooms should be reserved as soon as possible. Please be aware that mid-June is considered as high season in Stockholm. We therefore urge you to reserve your accommodation at your earliest convenience. On the following link you will find a list of suggested hotels in the nearby area to the conference venue. […]

Revised programme out now

» posted 17/04/2012

Registration is open now!

» posted 10/04/2012

The online registration is closed now. Please contact if you missed to register in time.

Milestones to Stockholm

» posted 04/04/2012

Milestones to Stockholm 2012 Final decisions on Stockholm program incl. title, lead, focus/key questions, speakers etc. (April 2012) Registration opens (April 2012) Comments on the draft programme outline until 20 March 2012 Preliminary decision on number of slots, plenaries and work shops, proceedings, timing and other programming issues of EuroDIG 2012 (February 2012) 2nd Planning […]

Draft programme now open for comments

» posted 08/03/2012

Draft Programme now open for comments This draft outline programme consolidates all proposals received so far and presents them as themes for discussion. The numbers of proposals in the programme refer to the number in the compilation of all submitted proposals. The EuroDIG Secretariat will be contacting shortly all those who have proposed themes and […]

Nordic Youth Internet Governance Forum

» posted 29/02/2012

Internet governance and the future of Internet from young people’s perspective will be the focus in this project which brings youths from the five Nordic countries together at a two day conference in Stockholm this summer. The Nordic Youth IGF conference (NYIGF) will be a pre-conference to the EuroDIG (European Dialogue on Internet Governance conference, […]

EuroDIG 2012 2nd preparatory meeting

» posted 09/02/2012

On 15 February 2012 the second EuroDIG 2012 preparatory meeting toke place in Geneva in conjunction with the IGF open consultation / MAG meeting. Read here the meeting minutes We meet on 15 Feb 2012 from 18:30 – 20:00 in room S4 of the Palais the Nations. The meeting aims to agree on several thematic […]

EuroDIG 2012 submitted proposals

» posted 28/01/2012

We received 71 inputs and proposals for the 2012 EuroDIG agenda. This is an amazing proof of the continuing bottom-up EuroDIG dynamic! This result offered a challenge for our preparatory meeting last week in Stockholm where, at the first day, we had a productive meeting on various organizational matters regarding the next EuroDIG incl. an […]

EuroDIG 2012 1st preparatory meeting

» posted 20/12/2011

On 18/19 January 2012 the first EuroDIG 2012 preparatory meeting will take place in Stockholm. On the first day the organising committee will visit the venue and discuss logistical questions. On the second day (19 January) the programme committee will review and discuss the submitted proposals. This day is open to everybody interested in the […]

EuroDIG @ IFG in Nairobi

» posted 24/10/2011

EuroDIG was represented three folded at the  IGF in Nairobi from 27-30 September 2011 1. In the cross regional perspectives session, Tuesday, 28 September 2011, 14.30 -16.00 Jasna Matic, chair person from the EuroDIG meeting in Belgrade, has represented key priorities as they emerged in Belgrade…. read the transscript here. 2. In the EuroDIG workshop, […]

EuroDIG 14/15 June 2012, Stockholm

» posted 23/09/2011

EuroDIG 2012 will take place in Sweden 14/15 June 2012 at the Stockholm City Conference Center

EuroDIG 2012 planning meeting

» posted 30/06/2011

A next preparation meeting is schedulled for July, 5/6 in Zürich. You are welcome to participate physikally or remotely. LOCATION: SWITCH-Offices Werdstrasse 2 CH-8004 Zurich Level 1, Room “Rigi” The Switch offices are in the middle of the centre of Zürich at a place called Stauffacher. You can easily get there by taking any train […]

Webcast now available!

» posted 09/06/2011

See :

Vist and enjoy Belgrade!

» posted 27/05/2011

100 things to do in Belgrade …read more

500 registered participants

» posted 25/05/2011

See the list of participants here!

12 Hubs@Eurodig

» posted 18/05/2011

12 Hubs in Europe an outside did register for EuroDIG! Armenia Banglasesh Barbados Belarus Bosnia Colombia France/Germany Moldova Spain Sweden (2) Ukraine See detailed information at :


» posted 27/04/2011

Please visit the host country website

New WS8 on Multilingualism

» posted 14/04/2011

A new workshop is added on Monday 31 May 2011: WS8 – Multilingualism on the Internet as a human right

Registration now open

» posted 01/03/2011

The online registration is closed now. Please contact if you missed to register in time.

Public comment on the draft programme

» posted 15/02/2011

Based on the workshop proposals (WSP) we received a programme was drafted. We invite herewith to comment this programme. Please post your input on the comment platform.

2nd planning meeting, 24 Feb 2011, Geneva

» posted 09/02/2011

EuroDIG 2nd  open planning meeting in Geneva, to be held in the UN’s premises in Geneva (Palais des Nations), on 24 February 2011 from 2 – 4 p.m. (thanks to the kind assistance of the Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the EuroDIG 2011 programme proposals. We […]

Call for the Online Courses in Internet Governance

» posted 26/01/2011

Internet policy issues: past, present and future Will the cutting off of Internet access in Egypt affect the future of Internet governance and policy? Are you concerned about Internet governance in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks CableGate incident? Will guidelines and regulations  be affected? What do you think about the reactions of governments and private […]

Visit in Belgrade 20./21. Dec 2010

» posted 22/12/2010

A logistical meeting took place in Belgrade on 20./21. December. … detailed  information about the outcome of this meeting will follow soo. Find information about the Sava conference center here

Call for issues for EuroDIG 2011 – NOW OPEN

» posted 16/11/2010

Send us your proposals about issues that should be discussed at EuroDIG 2011 via email! See here all workshop proposals. Please find here the results and the summary of the online agenda survey.

1st planning meeting, 23 Nov. 2010, Geneva

» posted 16/11/2010

EuroDIG 1st open planning meeting in Geneva, to be held in the UN’s premises in Geneva (Palais des Nations), on 23 November from 3 – 6 p.m. (thanks to the kind assistance of the Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the EuroDIG 2011 programme proposals. We would […]

EuroDIG donors meerting 20 Oct. 2010

» posted 18/10/2010

Date:     Wednesday, 20 October, 10:30 to 12:00 (followed by lunch) Venue:  Microsoft, Executive Briefing Center, Avenue des Nerviens 85, 1040 Brussels This meeting was a very important preparatory step in planning the fourth edition of EuroDIG (Belgrade, 30-31 May 2011) which aims to be more inclusive and participatory than ever before. We would like to […]

Council of Europe declaration on net neutrality

» posted 05/10/2010

Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on network neutrality (Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 29 September 2010 at the 1094th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies) 1. The member states of the Council of Europe have repeatedly expressed their commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights on the Internet. This applies in […]

EuroDIG @IGF 2010

» posted 25/09/2010

Read about EuroDIG at IGF 2010, Vilnius, September 2010: EuroDIG was represented at the 5th IGF in two sessions. In the main session “Regional Perspectives” by Sebastian Muriel, General Director, (see transcript) and in the “Regional Initiative” workshop…read more

EuroDIG May 30-31, 2011 in Belgrade / Serbia

» posted 13/09/2010

European Parliament resolution on IG

» posted 23/06/2010

European Parliament resolution of 15 June 2010 on internet governance: the next steps (2009/2229(INI)) ……42.  Supports the continuation and development of the IGF model on a global, regional – including EuroDIG – and national level, by preserving its main characteristics as a non-binding multistakeholder process and remaining as open fora for dialogue and exchange of best […]

Transcripts online!

» posted 12/05/2010

Transcripts are available now on every subpage of each session (exept WS 7): Read the complete document here Opening sessions: Welcome and opening session What is the public and economic value of the Internet for Europe? National debates on Internet governance Workshops 1-6: WS1: Cross-border cybercrime jurisdiction under cloud computing WS2: Geographical and other names […]

Final Programme

» posted 03/05/2010

EuroDIG 2010 – Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid / Spain, 29-30 April 2010 chaired by Sebastian Muriel, General Director of (as it stands on the 29 April 2010) Thursday, 29 April 2010 08:00 – 09:00 Registration 09:00 – 09:45 Welcome and introductions Sebastian Muriel, General Director of (Chairman) Alejandro Arranz, Madrid City Council Carlos López-Blanco, […]

#EuroDIG Twitter chanel

» posted 29/04/2010

Side events

» posted 15/04/2010

Thursday 29.04.2010 / 14:30 – 16:15 IG and Youth: [CD Camelot] Media literacy, e-Participation and Privacy We aim to identify the main issues that youth are concerned with as regards to Internet Governance with a focus on Media Literacy, e-Participation and Privacy (these emerged as important themes among the youth delegates of Eurodig 2009, and […]

EuroDIG 2010 participate remotely!

» posted 09/04/2010

EuroDIG 2010 will not only take place in Madrid, all over Europe various hubs are being set up to enable more stakeholders to participate actively, remotely. For every session (except WS 7), there will be someone moderating the contributions coming in through remote participation and thus feeding them into the dialogue. Note: “It is the […]

NEW! WS7 on cloud computing!

» posted 24/03/2010

Open hour on cloud computing : from fog to secure cloud – a regulatory perspective Moderators: Kevin Fraser, Council of Europe Consultative Committee of Convention 108 [tbc] Speaker: Paolo Balboni, Baker & McKenzie (Milan) Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Policy Manager,  Microsoft Jean-Philippe Moiny, research fellow at the FNRS Katitza Rodriguez a representative of a national data […]

Registration open (also remote participants)

» posted 05/03/2010

The online registration is closed now. Please contact if you missed to register in time.

Messages from Geneva

» posted 14/11/2009

read here

EuroDIG mailing lists

» posted 08/10/2009

Subscribe / unsubscribe to the general info letter Yes, I´d like to receive the info letter No, I don´t want receive the info letter Subscribe / unsubscribe to the list Yes, please add me to the mailing list. Please delete me from the mailing list Please enter your email address: Repeat your email address: […]