Serbian IG debate started with Hyderabad remote hub in 2008, organized by Diplofoundation, Center for Internet Development and Republic Telecommunications Agency with the focus on net neutrality, cyber security and IPv6 themes.  It continued in November 2009 by gathering high-level policy makers, representatives of international organizations, media associations, ISPs, youth, research centers, etc. Under the theme „Serbia in the context of global Information society process – towards the 4th IGF“ participants discussed the aspects of local interest, including telecom market liberalisation, privacy, digital education and new media, with a conclusion that further local IG debate should be continued to discuss specific themes separately and into more details, and with the view to contributing to public policies in the field of media and information society.

Inspired by IGF process and in particular by EuroDIG, national IGF network has been emerging as an informal group of individuals engaged in Internet governance issues within Diplofoundation, ISPs, Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, Ministry of Culture, Office of the Commissioner for Access to Information of Public Importance and Data Protection.

Setting the scene for a wider national debate on various IG themes is currently the main objective of IGF Serbia network. The aim is to foster cooperation and dialogue between different policy makers and Internet business and civil society stakeholders in Serbia and to raise-awareness about local aspects of global and regional IG processes. Besides, the positive developments in Serbia could possibly initiate similar larger-scale debates in countries of the South-Eastern Europe as well.
Next meetingsto be announced