Opening plenary

Roadmap for the future of Internet Governance

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Organising team / focal point: EuroDIG team and host

Key participants:

Moderator: Jeanette Hofmann, Berlin Social Science Center / HIIG

Reporter: Avri Doria, Independent researcher

Remote participation moderator: Farzaneh Badiei, University of Hamburg

Description / key focus:

The Internet governance roadmap, which was adopted recently in Sao Paulo by the global multistakeholder meeting on the future of the Internet governance ecosystem (NETmundial) includes a lot of controversial issues — from net neutrality to mass surveillance — and it is unclear how this will be translated into reality. However, the Internet governance principles, also adopted by NETmundial, were less controversial, but will have probably a sustainable and deep effect for the future of the Internet.

Key questions:

Was NETmundial a next milestone for Internet governance?

  • IANA transition
  • What should be Europe’s particular role or responsibility in IG?
  • Any lessons learned from Snowden and conclusions drawn?
  • Net-Neutrality as corner stone or stumbling block?
  • Do we need a magna carta for the digital age as a next level of principles?



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