EuroDIG strategic coordinators
EuroDIG was created in 2008 by a number of key stakeholders representing various European stakeholder groups working in the field of Internet governance. Lee Hibbard and Thomas Schneider where among these people and since these early days both are shaping EuroDIG.

Lee Hibbard
Coordinator for Information Society & Internet Governance
Internet Governance Unit
DGI – Human Rights and Rule of Law
Council of Europe

Thomas Schneider
Deputy Director of International Affairs, International Information Society Coordinator
Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication DETEC

EuroDIG lead
EuroDIG has very flat structures and hierarchies. Sandra Hoferichter and Wolf Ludwig are in charge of the smooth running of the overall EuroDIG process and are involved from the very first days. You can contact them directly if you want to get involved or face any question.

Sandra Hoferichter
Managing Director, Office Germany / Leipzig
[send email]

Wolf Ludwig
Program Director, Office Portugal / Lisbon
[send email]

Host team 2014
In 2014 Germany will be the host country for EuroDIG. It will be hosted by the Association of the German Internet Industry, eco and under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and in co-operation with the Federal Foreign Office as the hosting location. If you like to get in touch with the local team please contact:

Coordination: Melanie Busse, Association of the German Internet Industry, eco [send email]
Media / communication: Thomas Müller, Association of the German Internet Industry, eco [send email]

Remote participation coordinaton
Several factors may hamper physical attendance, such as professional commitments and travel costs. But staying in your home city does not mean that it is not possible to follow the debates. It does not mean you cannot participate actively and make your voice heard. It will be possible to follow the conference at a distance, as most of the conference’s content will be broad casted live and captioning will be provided too. Find out more about remote participation possibilites here or contact:

Farzaneh Badii, University of Hamburg
[send email]

Youth participation coordinaton
The meaningful involvement of young participants is always key at EuroDIG. We like to hear the voice of young people in every session and will provide space for their own activities. Traditionally various pre and side-events are organised by young people. Our youth participation coordinators will be happy to bring you in.

Lorena Jaume Palasi, Ludwig Maximilians University // Youth IGF-D
Nadine Karbach, IJAB e.V. // Youth IGF-D
[send email]

Digital facilitation
The EuroDIG WIKI allows everybody to participate in preparing and documenting the sessions. In the spirit of transparency and participation, everyone is invited to add or update content and correct errors. For every plenary and workshop a subpage is created on the WIKI. If you are not familiar in using a WIKI please  do not hesitate to contact our team of digital facilitators:

Lorena Jaume Palasi, Ludwig Maximilians University // Youth IGF-D
Sebastian Haselbeck, Collaboratory
[send email]