EuroDIG is 100 per cent financed by donations from international organisations and companies. Each year we are reaching out to these donors, inviting them to contribute to the process and the annual event whilst underlining their commitment to the European dialogue in general.

We are operating with two separate budgets:

One is the EuroDIG process budget which is in the responsibility of the EuroDIG secretariat.  The other one is the host county budget, which is in the responsibility of the respective local host. As we are organizing EuroDIG in another European country each year, the local costs might vary from year to year. The secretariats budget however is more consistent but needs to be increased each year, as EuroDIG is becoming more and more complex, with a growing number of participants per year, more need for outreach and additional tasks.

Which costs are covered from which budget can be found in the EuroDIG donors handout. In this handout you can also find information about sponsorship opportunities. At the end of each year we provide an overview of the final costs to our sponsors. If you want an overview from 2013, please let us know.

If you like to become a donor of EuroDIG, please contact the EuroDIG secretariat.