EuroDIG 12 – 13 June 2014, Berlin

Germany was the host country for the 7th European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG). It was hosted by the Association of the German Internet Industry, eco and under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and in co-operation with the Federal Foreign Office as the hosting location. The overarching theme for EuroDIG in 2014 is:

Digital society at stake –

Europe and the future of the Internet

4.9.2014 Read the Messages from Berlin

steinmeier12.6.2014 Federal Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier during his opening speech:

“It takes many to run the internet. And it takes many to make sure it remains free, safe and open!”

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9.5.2014 A number of pre and side events are taking place prior and during EuroDIG. For instance the New Media Summer School, meanwhile the 4th in a row, since 2011. Herewith we like to point you to an open day in the Factory on 11 June 2014. The Factory, a 16,000 square meter tech campus, is located at the former border between East and West Berlin and already hosts some of Berlin’s most promising startups like SoundCloud and 6Wunderkinder, as well as international tech companies such as Mozilla and Zendesk. This summer on the evening of 11 June we will celebrate the official opening of Berlin’s most ambitious startup campus with an event just before the European Dialogue on Internet Governance. …read more

8.5.2014 Federal Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier will open EuroDIG this year. But also plenaries and workshops are well attended by high ranking experts, like Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO of ICANN, or State Secretaries of the German Government and many others. The org teams for each session are set and they are currently sharpening the topics. You can follow this process on the EuroDIG WIKI and you are invited to contribute to the WIKI as well. It is also the best place to get in contact with each org team. Find out more how to get involved here.

11.4.2014 The draft programme is out now! After an inclusive participation process  the core team in cooperation with the host drafted a consolidated programme outline. This program still needs more specifications and tuned focus. Session titles are still working titles – except for the session on the over-arching theme “Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet”. This fine-tuning on titles, focus, related questions, suggestion and selection of panellists etc. needs to be accomplished by the organising team for each session. …find here the programme

11.3.2014 Youth @ EuroDIG 2014 To organize the youth session in the coming EuroDIG meeting on June 2014, European youth is invited to contribute to Ypart an online participation tool for discussion. EuroDIG’s youth section has already run a survey to narrow down the topics young people care about the most.  …read more

7.3.2014 How to participate at EuroDIG? The challenge at hand is now to form thematic org – teams that can enter into online exchange about how to collaborate on preparing sessions. For this purpose we want to point to our new EuroDIG WIKI which will serve as an additional tool for everyone to collaboratively prepare for and conduct a sessions at EuroDIG. …read more

6.3.2014 EuroDIG planning process at a glance: At the end of the Call for Proposals period we received more than 90 submissions. All proposals were compiled, clustered and listed in order to provide the community with input for the open planning meeting in Berlin end of January. …read more

What is EuroDIG? The Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG) is an open platform for informal and inclusive discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to Internet Governance (IG) between stakeholders from all over Europe …read more